As I write this, I pray that each of you seeing this blog over the next few days will read through the entire blog and act upon what you feel the Lord is calling you to do! We have an incredible opportunity before us and we are asking for your help!

Well, the opportunity if finally before us! For those of you who know us or have been keeping up with this blog, we have had a major struggle since coming to Liberia. TRANSPORTATION! I know this is not something that many consider to be an important issue when looking at ministry opportunities, but let me explain a bit more!

Spirit Liberia is focused on prison ministry, Church/Pastor/Elder training, agricultural sustainability projects, and humanitarian aid. Much, or most to be exact, of our work is outside of the main city of Monrovia. We are currently the only organization focused on reaching the interior prisons of Liberia with the gospel on a regular basis. And our success has been incredible, but is hurting because of our need for more suitable transportation.

Since moving to Liberia in August of 2009, about five months ago, we have had to survive by traveling around in a car that can seat only five people. A small hatchback that is falling apart at the seams (well - I guess falling apart at the "solder joints" could be more appropriate in this case!).

Also, the car does not have air-conditioning and as you can imagine in Liberia that makes travel very uncomfortable. We also have to travel around with the windows down which has become a very serious problem in the past month. Due to increased rogue (thieving) activity, Vanessa has been attacked four times through the window. People have jumped in the back seat causing a diversion for others to jump in the front window, on top of Vanessa, to reach for things in the car. They have stolen a cell phone, which we have not been able to replace yet, and it is a dangerous situation to say the least. Vanessa has also broken a fingernail in one mans arm as he had another cell phone in his hand. Thankfully God gave Vanessa a better grip than that poor man who has had to extract a fingernail from his arm!

Since being in Liberia (I arrived mid-December) I have personally had to push the car alongside Vanessa as we tried to "push-start" it. It has been such a difficult issue since moving here and has been one of the major hurdles to our ability to increase our travel to the interior for evangelism and agricultural projects. We have not even been able to take the entire family to church on Sunday morning together because of the size of the vehicle.

Lastly, the past few trips to the interior, for instance when we delivered all of the gifts to the orphanage near Ganta a few weeks ago, the trip cost us almost $800.00US because we had to rent a car for three days. It should not have to cost us so much to do ministry in the interior!

BUT WE HAVE INCREDIBLE NEWS!!! Just in the past few days, we have had a partner step-up and offer to help get our difficult vehicle situation solved. This partner has offered a matching gift of up to $3,500.00US for a new vehicle for Spirit Liberia. Now most NGO's (humanitarian organizations) in Liberia have at least one Land Rover which costs around $25,000 used. But we are not asking for this. We simply want something that can give us the means to continue what we are doing and be more effective at it and spend less money than we have had to lately to accomplish what we are doing.

We have done some investigation and found a Toyota 4-Runner, 1993, in good condition that we believe we will be able to get for around $7.000.00US. It has air-conditioning, and a few other things that will really enhance our ability to continue to strengthen our ministry here and protect us as we drive. We are asking for your help! Let me say it again, we are asking for your help! Will you please consider what you can do today to help?

This partner has agreed to match any gifts given prior to January 5, 2010, up to $3,500.00US. This means that your gift will be doubled. If you give $20, it will be $40 towards the vehicle. If you give $500, it will be $1000! What an incredible opportunity and a wondeful way to finish off 2009 knowing that we will be able to reach more people with the gospel in 2010.

Please consider immediately what you can do. We are so thankful to God for His provisions and we are believing that enough people will see this blog and act immedately to allow us to see this incredible blessing come to fruition.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Greg and Vanessa and the entire Spirit Liberia Team!


We made it!

We made it back from Ganta and had a wonderful and successful trip! We had a great visit with the kids at the orphanage and also visited 2 prisons. We stopped at the Sanniquelli and Gbarnga prisons and gave them some special gifts for Christmas. They were so happy and appreciative that we took the time to minister there and were thinking of them. This was such a wonderful opportunity to share the love of Christ.

I will post pictures soon. We are having internet and computer issues again, but I will do my best to get some cute orphanage pictures posted soon!

Merry Christmas!

The Bogdans



The other evening I was relaxing in my yard, lying in our Liberian made hammock. I was exhausted from hours spent downtown fighting the crowds to finish the last shopping for orphanage Christmas gifts. My big girls and some of the smaller kids were around playing and some pushing me in the hammock.

As we were chatting about the day another voice rang in……"Ah reechee-O!” is what I heard. I looked up and we all shouted “Bye, Massa!”. One of the kids opened the gate and out she went! This was Massa, the woman who hand washes the laundry for us. Yes, for all 13 of us!

As I lay there and looked around at my kids enjoying the beautiful African evening I was again reminded of the blessing of God! He has brought us here! We are so honored that He has chosen us, sent us and is using us to do His work here in this most beautiful place.

On Thanksgiving as we went around the table all sharing what we are most thankful for this year the overwhelming response was “we are thankful that God has finally brought us to Liberia!” This place is our home now, and all of us love it here. Life here is hard, different, frustrating, fun, new and amazing! Our sweet kids who have been covered with rashes of all different kids, been chewed on by too many ants and mosquito’s, had malaria and a variety of stomach issues, who bath out of buckets with cold water unless someone heats it on the stove for them, sweat through the hot, humid African nights are MOST thankful that God brought us here (they were also very thankful for their sweet baby brother)!

Now back to “Ah reechee-O!” As I sat there thinking about this statement in that melodious tune that graces the Liberian voice I just chuckled to myself. I imagined some of our friends and family visiting us and hearing that and the confused look that would probably be on their face. “What is she saying?” would probably be their question! She was saying, “I am reaching” with the O added on the end in classic Liberian speaking style. She was saying, “I am going home now!” Everyone in the yard knew exactly what she said without even a pause. I just had to smile thinking over the blessing and joy we have in being given the great privilege and responsibility of raising our family on the mission field in Liberia.


Back in Ganta

Greetings from Ganta! We arrived in Ganta last night and are preparing to head over to the orphanage today! Thank you to everyone who stepped in and supported the orphanage Christmas project. We had such a great response that we had all of the kids sponsored within a short period of time and also had overage to bring extra food for the orphanage. Check back soon and you will see some sweet pictures here of the kids Christmas party made possible by YOU!

God Bless!

Spirit Liberia staff


Kid's Class in the Rock Hill Community

This past Saturday Macey Bogdan, our 14 year old daughter, put together a Saturday bible class for kids in our community (Rock Hill). She planned it, organized it and taught it. She did a great job and the day was a success. She intended it specifically for the kids who attend Pastor Richards' church but many more from the community attended, about 40 in all. She did a teaching on the birth of Jesus and Pastor Richards' daughter Rochelle helped read the story to the kids and make sure they were understanding. Macey created a coloring paper for each of the kids using a graphic software on our computer. Kylee prepared popcorn and juice for the kids which was served in a "small plastic", Liberian style :-) They also played some games, including a bucket toss. The kids gathered up all of the rubber buckets from our house (we had quite a few as we use them for bathing and laundry) and hand stitched some small throwing bags made from an old T-shirt and filled them with rice. It was a huge blessing to the community and our kids had a great time too!

Rochelle Richards with baby Matty on her back.
Group picture of the kids.

The bucket toss game.

The kids coloring.

Libby and Judah enjoying the class too!

Macey and Pastor Richards

Rochelle talking to the kids.

Kylee with Matty watching the class.

The treats all ready to go! The orange bags are juice and the blue bags are popcorn. They will bite a hole in the juice bag and suck it out. This is a typical way you can buy drinks on the streets of Liberia, even scalding HOT tea!

Dealing with Liberian kids in this type of setting often proves to be difficult. When handing out the treats they were hiding them and trying to trick us into giving them seconds.....Jacob (our oldest Liberian son) was there to be the sheriff and enforce the LAW :-) The kids can get pretty rowdy and they are rough too, so next time we will plan on having some more adult supervision to help keep the kids under control. At most events where there are kids you will see women patrolling the area with a switch in hand!
Good job guys! We are proud of your desire to join us in ministry!