Buchanan Trip

We had wonderful trip to the Buchanan Central Prison with Kris, Trent and some of their friends here in Liberia. I think there was a total of 16 of us! We rented 2 bigger vehicles (thanks to Fairview) and took off by about 9:00 am. It was a long trip and we were sooooo exhausted by the time we got back! It was a wonderful trip and the guys did a great job preaching in the prison.

They have been requesting our assistance in getting a sign posted on the gate identifying the prison. We surprised them and brought along a stencil and paint for their gate. They were very happy and expressed that there is money in some governing budget that was supposed to be used for this and it has never been done. So, now they have their sign and they are very happy!

This time we brought some farina to the prisoners. It is a food item and is always appreciated. In most of the prisons here the prisoners are not fed well, if at all. We are working to grow and expand this vital ministry and God is opening the doors!

We rented 2 trucks and our group of 16 headed out to Buchanan! We are praying that God will provide 2 vehicles like this one for us. It is almost impossible to deal with these trips to the bush with our small car! These are very costly to be renting! (The Spirit Liberia magnet we borrowed from our car for the day)

In our vehicle: Front - Shad, Pastor Richards and the driver that came with the truck.

Middle - Macey and Matty

Me and Mark ( sorry for the extreme close-up!)

Rear- Amos and Saah (friend of Kris and Trent)

Bestman and Paye

The other vehicle: Front- Trent (he and Kris took turns in the trunk!)

Middle- Kimberly, Elva and Christo (friends of Kris and Trent)

We had a flat tire on Kris and Trent's vehicle!

Waiting for the repair!

Still waiting!

Trent taking a picture of Mark, taking his picture :-)

The other end of that :-)

Just arrived.....after 4 loooooong hours of bone rattling roads! We had a quick orientation meeting led by Bestman.Just inside the prison gate.

Entering the yard :-)

Some initial introductions.

The reason for our visit! Preaching the Gospel!

Preach it Kris! He did some great teaching and communicated with the inmates well!

Hanging the stencil for the sign painting.

The finished product!

Kris giving a bible to the corrections manager.

Pastor Richards handing out the farina.

Enjoying some refreshments while we waited for the other truck to return with the tire repair.

A wonderful day of ministry and fellowship! Thanks for joining us guys!!!! We love you!


A visit from Fairview!

We had the pleasure of having a visit this week from Pastor Kris Ewbank and Trent Watkins from our church in Fairview Oklahoma. It was such a blessing to be with them again! They had a great visit and did some wonderful ministry.....we had some fun too! I will post soon with some pictures from our visit to Buchanan Central prison and an outreach program we did with them in Peace Island.

This picture is of me, Kylee, Matty and the group from the Peace Island churches anticipating the arrival! I think the Peace Island church group had at least 2 buses full of people waiting to greet them!

Finally landed! It is always a little overwhelming getting out of the airport and into the vehicles with all of your belongings! There were a LOT of people waiting to greet them.
I want to say a big "THANK YOU" to the folks in Fairview for sending some special requests for us with Kris and Trent....especially Sheila and Lisa! This is Libby playing with the doll that you guys sent. She loves it!


Buchanan Prison Visit September 2009

I have attached a video of our visit to Buchanan Prison recently. It is only about 1:43 seconds long so it is short but gives a pretty good perspective on what the prison looks like and what the inmates get to deal with every day.

You can see Mattie in the hands of a very caring body guard too - Pastor Richards - which is one of Matties favorite people!


Full Gospel Orphanage, Ganta, Nimba County

We are putting together a Christmas program for the kids at Full Gospel Orphanage in Ganta. We will be putting up more information here soon but for now I wanted to announce this to you all so that you could be considering helping out! There are about 30 kids ranging in age from 4 to 17, both boys and girls. We will be putting specific information and pictures up about each child and asking you to sponsor them for Christmas. This would involve purchasing a gift for them or contributing to the cost of getting the gifts to them or both! If you are interested in this project send me an e-mail and I will get you more information as soon as it is available. I have blogged on this orphanage a few times before, the links to a couple of them are below. Pastor Valentine and his wife, who run the orphanage are AWESOME!

Full Gospel Orphanage

Full Gospel Well


Back Online!

Kakata Central Prison is one of our regular minstry locations. We minister there weekly. These photos are from a few weeks ago.

This is the drive leading up to the prison.

This little goat was tied up just outside the gate. It belongs to the prison!

They have already begun some small animal husbandry projects and also a tailoring vocational program.

Pastor Richards walking to meet me with Matty :-)

This is land just outside the prison yard. We are planning to help sponsor them with a farm project here. The men should be starting to clear the land within the next couple of months.

We are so excited at the opportunities God is bringing before us in this vital area of ministry. Please keep these new prison ministry projects in prayer! There is such a huge need for help and this is a wonderful opportunity to show the love of Christ to very desperate people.
The kids are doing much better! Thank you all for lifting us in prayer!



Sorry for the delay in posting! I know you are all anxious for an update on what is going on over here. We have been experiencing some sickness in the family and also have had some serious computer issues! I will be doing an update as soon as possible. I hope to do it within the next couple of days. Please pray for us! There is a lot of sickness in our family right now.

God Bless!