The Shipment

The container is scheduled to arrive tomorrow! We are not sure it will actually arrive tomorrow, but we will post an update when we have the information. God has been opening the doors on getting the duty free approval and it is close to being completed. Please continue to pray with us that this would be accomplished within the next couple of days! This has not been an easy task for our staff, but God has come through in some miraculous ways. If we were not able to get the Duty Free Voucher, we would face huge port charges and taxes. We can not afford to pay these fees and could lose the container. Thanks for keeping this in prayer with us!


Amazing Grace!

Amazing Grace, How sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me

I once was lost, but now am found

Was blind but now I see!

John Newton (1725-1807)

As the prison ministry of Spirit Liberia has been growing and developing, we have felt the Lord speaking to us that we would see prisoners come to Christ and pick up the torch by in turn teaching their fellow inmates. As we packed the shipping container, we discussed the process of giving full bibles to the inmates that were saved and progressing in their faith. God has already begun the process and we can't begin to put into words the incredible blessing that this mighty work of God is growing in our hearts.

We receive regular ministry reports and updates from our Ministries Coordinator, Bestman Todawiah. Please read below and be blessed by what the Lord has done in the heart of one particular prisoner.

Kakata Central Prison- April 20, 2009

Kakata Central Prison at the time of our visit had 79 convicted and non-convicted inmates. Regular counseling and preaching was done at this prison. One of the inmates Albert Mulbah, 25, convicted for raping a 12 years old wept bitterly while the message of “Christ is coming soon with rewards” was being preached. He finally give his life to Christ Jesus and a copy of the King James Bible was given to him. At present we are working with him through counseling and Bible drill. Through the power of the holy spirit he is showing fruits of repentance and the love of God. Bath soap and tracts were distributed to the inmates.

Kakata Central Prison May 15, 2009– prison ministry at Kakata was very wonderful. Lives were touched through the power of the Holy Spirit. One of the inmates who give his life to Christ during our prison ministry sometime ago, ( Albert Mulbah) is now conducting devotions and Bible studies with his fellow inmates. Praise God almighty for this revival! More testimonies espected from Kakata prison. Furthermore, considering the needs of the inmates about 79 persons were able to purchase some locally made food call farina and few T.Shirts for the most needed. Unfortunately, those items were not even enough for the most needed.
~Bestman Todawiah

This is Brother Bestman giving the bible to Albert.

Receiving these testimonies of what the Lord is doing in Liberia has truly broken our hearts and brought us to tears many times. We are so eager to get over there and take part in the hands on aspect of the ministry! We are so thankful to God for opening hearts and doors for this ministry in the prisons. Many thanks also go to all of you who are faithful in support of this work. Without your obedience to God leading you in support, this vital ministry would not be progressing.


Evangelism Update - May

The staff has been taking some extra time on the days when they go out for prison ministry to also do some evangelism in the local marketplaces. These pictures are from Harbel. Harbel is where the Bonewen prison is located, in Margibi county. Read below a ministry report from Brother Bestman Todawiah, Ministries Coordinator.

With God being our strength we were able to preach the infalible word of God in the Market places. During this time a gentlemen (Mohammed) who said his parents are Muslims came requesting for a copy of Spirit Liberia printed tracts. When asked, why he wanted the tract he said “I want to know Jesus”. He did a photo with Pst. Richards. Also during our regular Kakata prison ministry we evangelized the streets and market places of Kakata about 45 miles from Monrovia.


Hot Air Balloon Garage Sale???

We have had multiple garage sales in our preparation for the move to Liberia. In March while I was in Liberia and Greg was home alone with all 10 kids.....he was brave enough to attempt a garage sale! Our neighbor is also moving, so we have done a couple of them together and this was also the plan for this particular day. Our neighbor made some beautiful signs to direct people to our sales and we thought that was some of the BEST advertising ever.....until the Hot Air Balloon!

Here in Arizona hot air ballooning is very popular. Greg and I took a hot air balloon ride for our 10th anniversary and it was amazing. Many mornings we can look out of our windows and see 6 or more balloons in the air. On garage sale day, a balloon made an unusual, unintentional landing right in front of our house! Needless to say it drew quite the crowd and everyone was laughing and saying we went to extreme lengths to draw people to our sale!

The kids loved it and I am glad they were able to get some great pictures!

Kylee, Macey and Eli on our driveway.

Elijah in front of the balloon as it was deflating.


Evangelism at the Guinea Border

During my recent visit to Liberia in March, we were able to make an evangelism trip up to the border between Guinea and Liberia. At first arrival things were a little tense. We were being questioned by some of the border patrol about what we were doing there and it became pretty intimidating for me! After they understood what we were there for and believed that our intentions were good, the tone changed and we were warmly received.

This picture is of some local people and some border staff. Once we were accepted people came running from across the street to be included in the picture!

Pastor Richards talking with a young man. He was requesting a tract and wanted to talk about the gospel!

Bestman sharing the gospel with some young men who also came across to receive a tract and listen to what we had to share! The people are hungry for the gospel!

We were at the border office talking with a group that began to gather.

Do you see me looking strangely at that man? The guy beside me was laughing too! The man that is facing me came over and began speaking to me in a local dialect which I could not understand. I informed him that I did not speak that language and did not understand him. He proceeded to continue chattering on, obviously knowing that I could not understand what he was saying.....the reason for the look! Then he began speaking clear English and laughing and telling me that if I was going to be in the area I should be able to speak the local dialect. I laughed and told him that it was my first time there and I had not yet learned the dialect. It was funny and we all had a good laugh. The Liberian people have a good sense of humor and are just wonderful people!

This was a baby squirrel that some local kids were carrying around. It did not even have it's eyes open yet. It was quite adorable!

These are the little guys who had possesion of the squirrel. I think they were hoping to sell it!


Boldy Go !!! (Root Source May 2009)

This post is an excerpt from our monthly e-newsletter "Root Source". If you would like to be added to this e-mail list send us a blank e-mail to bogdans@spiritliberia.org with "Root Source" in the subject line.

From the first time Vanessa and I stepped off of the plane in Liberia, we knew that God had a plan that would unfold in front of us and take us on the ride of our lives. Little did we know how significantly that plan would change everything we knew, everything we felt, everything we believed about life. God was changing our hearts in such a drastic way that we still continue to be challenged in ways we would have never imagined.

As you all know, Vanessa and I announced several months ago that we would be moving our entire family to Liberia in April. But God had a different plan and we had more things to take care of here before we left. We feel strongly He is opening the doors for us to make the move now in mid-August. This move will challenge our entire family in many ways, and we ask you to please be in prayer with us as we make this difficult transition. We are all so excited and our anticipation could not get any greater!

God has called us to "Boldy go and proclaim the gospel to all nations" and not to have a spirit of fear. We want to follow God's leading in faith and we have total trust that He will fill the gaps. We must raise a total of $15,000 to cover the cost of airfare to move our family to Liberia. This cost is obviously a one-time costs and is for one-way tickets. This would only take 100 people committing to a one-time gift of $150.00.

We need to purchase tickets in June to ensure we can get everyone on the same flight and get the best price on tickets - which only gives us about 50 days to raise the funds for this need. We ask you to please prayerfully consider what you can do to be a true blessing in this area. Your gift will help us to accomplish our goal of being more hands-on as we oversee the organization that God has set before us. Please send all gifts to the address below or you can give through paypal:

Spirit Liberia

2219 W. Melinda Lane, Suite B
Phoenix, AZ 85027

Thank you for your prayers and support. Your
support is changing lives and saving souls.

Spirit Liberia Reaches OK and GA

In the past month, we have had several opportunities to spread the word about Spirit Liberia.

In mid-April, we (Greg and Vanessa) flew to Oklahoma to spend the weekend with some wonderful people. Fresh Start Fellowship, based in Fairview, has a true heart for Liberia and has just come home recently from a three-day crusade that saw over 100 people come to a saving knowledge of Christ. We spent the weekend discussing ideas and getting to know many of the people in the congregation. It was an incredible time of fellowship, fun, and brainstorming. We know God has some big plans unfolding!

On Saturday, May 2, Spirit Liberia also had the pleasure of being promoted on the Peter Nehsahn Christian Radio Show in Georgia. Greg was interviewed by Peter Nehsahn, an author, pastor, Liberian, and host of the program. It was a wonderful interview and a true blessing to be able to speak to so many people about the projects, plans, and vision of Spirit Liberia.

They have requested Vanessa and Greg to join them again for another program in the near future where we would take listener calls so they can ask questions about Liberia and our mission there.


Gbarnga Central Prison, Bong County, Liberia

During a recent trip to visit and assess a well project for a church we are working with in Ganta, the staff was able to make their first visit to Gbarnga (pronounced barnga) Central Prison. Our prayer is that eventually we will be able to routinely visit and minster at every prison in Liberia.
Bestman, Mark and Pastor Richards collecting ministry supplies to be used.

Prisoner visiting schedule

Brother Bestman ministering to a cell of inmates.

Shad ministering

Mark praying with a cell of prisoners

Bestman and Pastor Richards ministering to the few women in the prison.
Preparing to distribute soap and small bags of farina to the prisoners.

Showing the love of Christ to the prisoners through meeting some basic humanitarian needs.

The visit was a wonderful time of ministry. The Lord is really giving our staff a heart's desire to grow and expand the prison ministry. I have included a report on the prison ministry submitted by Brother Bestman, our Ministry Coordinator. Their hearts are very burdened by the condition of many of the prisoners. I will be sharing some more testimonies from prisoners soon. Please pray with us as we seek God's will for this ministry. We are seeing lives changed and open doors! Travel to the interior can be very expensive. To this point we have visited Monrovia Central Prison, Kakata Central Prison, Harbel Prison, Sanniquelli Prison and Gbarnga Central Prison. Visits to Kakata Central Prison and Harbel Prison are weekly visits and the others are made on special trips. We hope to visit the large prison in Grand Gedeh county after rainy season. Traveling there during rainy season would be impossible with our tiny car and it's condition. This will be a much longer and more expensive trip. It will take about 15 hours to get there so the guys will spend a few days there before returning.

You will notice in this report that he mentions that of the 82 inmates in the prison only 5 have been convicted. This is because the people can be accused of a crime and they are just routinely arrested and taken to prison. Once they are there they may spend LARGE amounts of time there without ever being charged or convicted of anything - innocent or not.

Gbarnga Prison

This prison is about 125 Kilometer away from the city of Monrovia. Spirit Liberia Prison Ministry was there to meet both physical and spiritual needs of inmates at the Gbarnga central prison. At the time of this visit 82 inmates were detained. Out of this total about 5 had been convicted. Murder and rape top the list of crimes. One of the murder convicted (Roland) is sentence for 65 years.
Salvation through Christ Jesus and the wrath of God for those who reject Christ was the message for the inmates. Gift – (bath soap and Farina) and tracts were distributed.


During our prison ministries we observed that 85% of the inmates are naked. Few of them that I personally spoke with said their clothes were raft off while they were being arrested by police or other security.
Most of the inmates suffer from diseases such as: Malaria, cold, skin disease, typhoid and stomach pain.
Some of the inmates are set free through the courts and in few days they are convicted again for other crimes. When I asked one of them he reply “ I have no training in any area that will sustain me and I am the bread winner for my family."


Considering the above observation I pray that God almighty will touch the hearts of men and women who love the Lord Jesus Christ to will help to save a life through the following:
Medical outreach through Spirit Liberia prison ministry.
Clothing and skill development program such as tie and dying, local soap making, African neckless making and Arts and Craft program.

Brethren, remember that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ commended us to be our brothers keeper.

God bless,

Bro. Bestman Todawiah
Ministry Coordinator


The Middles!

These are the final 3! They are the boys who are all in the middle.

This is Jaden.....yes, he is a BOY! He has beautiful longer hair and can sometimes be mistaken for a girl - which really irritates him! Don't be fooled by the hair, this kid is all boy and very excited to eat bamboo worms in Liberia! He is our bio son and he is 7, the oldest of the "middles".

This is Samuel. Samuel is adopted from Liberia and he is 5. He is the "middle" of the first group of 3 that we brought home from Liberia. Samuel is all charm, but always has something up his sleeve!

This is Noah, he is also adopted from Liberia. He was the baby of the 3 from Liberia until we brought little brother Maxwell home in November. He will be 3 at the end of the month. Noah loves to laugh and just be silly!



There they are.....the final 3.....for now! We will certainly introduce the baby in June :-) Thank you again for all of your prayer as we work toward moving this crew to Liberia. We are planning to move in August. God Bless!


The Girls!!!!!

It's time to show off our girls! There are only 3 girls so they are totally outnumbered. They are so sweet and such great helpers! We are truly blessed!

This is Macey, she is our oldest. She's will be 14 in June. Macey is the artist, she loves to paint and draw. She is also a total bible scholar. God has revealed Himself to Macey in way that most people never experience. She has been close to God from a very young age. She is very special!

Meet Kylee! She is the second oldest..... she's only 12 but she towers over me (Mom) and big sister Macey. Kylee is the cook. She loves to cook and she is good at it. She loves Food Network and is not afraid to try any recipe or create her own! Kylee is the daredevil.....she did the Bungee Jump on our vacation last summer. She also loves the babies and spoils her younger siblings rotten! Kylee loves God and even though she does not love reading she has been working diligently on reading all the way through the bible this year.

Finally......there is Princess. This is Liberty. She is almost 5 and she is the light of our lives. Liberty has Down Syndrome but is healthy and doing amazingly well in every area. She is an absolute delight. She is bossy and sassy. She is lovable, caring, stubborn, spoiled and she is very motherly. Above all.....she is a perfectionist! She knows how things should be done, and she wants them done right! She is also an artist and always convinces others to draw with her on the Magna Doodle. Watch out! If you agree to draw with her she will hold your artistry to a very high standard :-)

Liberty was not in the mood for pictures today. She...in typical princess style....experienced every possible emotional breakdown during the process.

Kylee to the rescue!

And finally the recovery!

The sisterly bond is a VERY special thing!

These are our girls! Please remember to keep them in your prayers as we move to Liberia. Life will be very different and there will be a lot of adjustments. Most of all we want them to remain faithful to God and His convictions and leading in their lives. We also want them to be protected in health and well-being. Thank you!