Evangelism at the Guinea Border

During my recent visit to Liberia in March, we were able to make an evangelism trip up to the border between Guinea and Liberia. At first arrival things were a little tense. We were being questioned by some of the border patrol about what we were doing there and it became pretty intimidating for me! After they understood what we were there for and believed that our intentions were good, the tone changed and we were warmly received.

This picture is of some local people and some border staff. Once we were accepted people came running from across the street to be included in the picture!

Pastor Richards talking with a young man. He was requesting a tract and wanted to talk about the gospel!

Bestman sharing the gospel with some young men who also came across to receive a tract and listen to what we had to share! The people are hungry for the gospel!

We were at the border office talking with a group that began to gather.

Do you see me looking strangely at that man? The guy beside me was laughing too! The man that is facing me came over and began speaking to me in a local dialect which I could not understand. I informed him that I did not speak that language and did not understand him. He proceeded to continue chattering on, obviously knowing that I could not understand what he was saying.....the reason for the look! Then he began speaking clear English and laughing and telling me that if I was going to be in the area I should be able to speak the local dialect. I laughed and told him that it was my first time there and I had not yet learned the dialect. It was funny and we all had a good laugh. The Liberian people have a good sense of humor and are just wonderful people!

This was a baby squirrel that some local kids were carrying around. It did not even have it's eyes open yet. It was quite adorable!

These are the little guys who had possesion of the squirrel. I think they were hoping to sell it!

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