The Girls!!!!!

It's time to show off our girls! There are only 3 girls so they are totally outnumbered. They are so sweet and such great helpers! We are truly blessed!

This is Macey, she is our oldest. She's will be 14 in June. Macey is the artist, she loves to paint and draw. She is also a total bible scholar. God has revealed Himself to Macey in way that most people never experience. She has been close to God from a very young age. She is very special!

Meet Kylee! She is the second oldest..... she's only 12 but she towers over me (Mom) and big sister Macey. Kylee is the cook. She loves to cook and she is good at it. She loves Food Network and is not afraid to try any recipe or create her own! Kylee is the daredevil.....she did the Bungee Jump on our vacation last summer. She also loves the babies and spoils her younger siblings rotten! Kylee loves God and even though she does not love reading she has been working diligently on reading all the way through the bible this year.

Finally......there is Princess. This is Liberty. She is almost 5 and she is the light of our lives. Liberty has Down Syndrome but is healthy and doing amazingly well in every area. She is an absolute delight. She is bossy and sassy. She is lovable, caring, stubborn, spoiled and she is very motherly. Above all.....she is a perfectionist! She knows how things should be done, and she wants them done right! She is also an artist and always convinces others to draw with her on the Magna Doodle. Watch out! If you agree to draw with her she will hold your artistry to a very high standard :-)

Liberty was not in the mood for pictures today. She...in typical princess style....experienced every possible emotional breakdown during the process.

Kylee to the rescue!

And finally the recovery!

The sisterly bond is a VERY special thing!

These are our girls! Please remember to keep them in your prayers as we move to Liberia. Life will be very different and there will be a lot of adjustments. Most of all we want them to remain faithful to God and His convictions and leading in their lives. We also want them to be protected in health and well-being. Thank you!

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Penny said...

Isn't it fulfilling to raise confident, competent, Godly girls...preparing them for the special tasks God has for them?
My older girls can entirely run my household if I need to be gone. It is great to know my skills are being perpetuated in my children. All the years of effort are paying off. Keep up the great work!
Your girls are beautiful! Thanks for sharing Liberty's meltdown. Been there,done that!
We continue to pray for you all!!
In the Lord's strength,