Hot Air Balloon Garage Sale???

We have had multiple garage sales in our preparation for the move to Liberia. In March while I was in Liberia and Greg was home alone with all 10 kids.....he was brave enough to attempt a garage sale! Our neighbor is also moving, so we have done a couple of them together and this was also the plan for this particular day. Our neighbor made some beautiful signs to direct people to our sales and we thought that was some of the BEST advertising ever.....until the Hot Air Balloon!

Here in Arizona hot air ballooning is very popular. Greg and I took a hot air balloon ride for our 10th anniversary and it was amazing. Many mornings we can look out of our windows and see 6 or more balloons in the air. On garage sale day, a balloon made an unusual, unintentional landing right in front of our house! Needless to say it drew quite the crowd and everyone was laughing and saying we went to extreme lengths to draw people to our sale!

The kids loved it and I am glad they were able to get some great pictures!

Kylee, Macey and Eli on our driveway.

Elijah in front of the balloon as it was deflating.

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