Gbarnga Central Prison, Bong County, Liberia

During a recent trip to visit and assess a well project for a church we are working with in Ganta, the staff was able to make their first visit to Gbarnga (pronounced barnga) Central Prison. Our prayer is that eventually we will be able to routinely visit and minster at every prison in Liberia.
Bestman, Mark and Pastor Richards collecting ministry supplies to be used.

Prisoner visiting schedule

Brother Bestman ministering to a cell of inmates.

Shad ministering

Mark praying with a cell of prisoners

Bestman and Pastor Richards ministering to the few women in the prison.
Preparing to distribute soap and small bags of farina to the prisoners.

Showing the love of Christ to the prisoners through meeting some basic humanitarian needs.

The visit was a wonderful time of ministry. The Lord is really giving our staff a heart's desire to grow and expand the prison ministry. I have included a report on the prison ministry submitted by Brother Bestman, our Ministry Coordinator. Their hearts are very burdened by the condition of many of the prisoners. I will be sharing some more testimonies from prisoners soon. Please pray with us as we seek God's will for this ministry. We are seeing lives changed and open doors! Travel to the interior can be very expensive. To this point we have visited Monrovia Central Prison, Kakata Central Prison, Harbel Prison, Sanniquelli Prison and Gbarnga Central Prison. Visits to Kakata Central Prison and Harbel Prison are weekly visits and the others are made on special trips. We hope to visit the large prison in Grand Gedeh county after rainy season. Traveling there during rainy season would be impossible with our tiny car and it's condition. This will be a much longer and more expensive trip. It will take about 15 hours to get there so the guys will spend a few days there before returning.

You will notice in this report that he mentions that of the 82 inmates in the prison only 5 have been convicted. This is because the people can be accused of a crime and they are just routinely arrested and taken to prison. Once they are there they may spend LARGE amounts of time there without ever being charged or convicted of anything - innocent or not.

Gbarnga Prison

This prison is about 125 Kilometer away from the city of Monrovia. Spirit Liberia Prison Ministry was there to meet both physical and spiritual needs of inmates at the Gbarnga central prison. At the time of this visit 82 inmates were detained. Out of this total about 5 had been convicted. Murder and rape top the list of crimes. One of the murder convicted (Roland) is sentence for 65 years.
Salvation through Christ Jesus and the wrath of God for those who reject Christ was the message for the inmates. Gift – (bath soap and Farina) and tracts were distributed.


During our prison ministries we observed that 85% of the inmates are naked. Few of them that I personally spoke with said their clothes were raft off while they were being arrested by police or other security.
Most of the inmates suffer from diseases such as: Malaria, cold, skin disease, typhoid and stomach pain.
Some of the inmates are set free through the courts and in few days they are convicted again for other crimes. When I asked one of them he reply “ I have no training in any area that will sustain me and I am the bread winner for my family."


Considering the above observation I pray that God almighty will touch the hearts of men and women who love the Lord Jesus Christ to will help to save a life through the following:
Medical outreach through Spirit Liberia prison ministry.
Clothing and skill development program such as tie and dying, local soap making, African neckless making and Arts and Craft program.

Brethren, remember that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ commended us to be our brothers keeper.

God bless,

Bro. Bestman Todawiah
Ministry Coordinator


Penny said...

We continue to pray for protection for Shad, Bestman and Mark as they follow through in ministry. May God show the increase as they are faithful in sharing the word of God. We are so spoiled in America...even in our prisons. May God provide all the finances you need to continue the ministry of spirit Liberia and we will continue to faithfully pray.
In the Lord's Strength,
Penny and family

Spirit Liberia said...

Thank you Penny! We love our staff dearly and we are so thankful that you and your family are praying for their safety. I will share your comment with them :-)


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