Workshop/Crusade at CBCMI - Yamah Town

We recently hosted an evening evangelistic crusade and a 2 day pastoral/leadership workshop at the Christian Bible Church Mission International Fendell branch (Yamah Town). This church is about 35 minutes outside the city limits. We had a wonderful time and the pastors really enjoyed the teaching. Our focus was on some things specifically related to issues in the church here in Liberia.

Our daughter Macey was the MC for the day workshops.

Some of the attendees of the workshop.

Pastor Joseph Richards, our resident pastor, spoke for all of the events.

The evening service with the small bulbs we string up and run off of our small generator. I am sure you can imagine how HOT it can get with all of the people packed inside these small buildings. You can see how Pastor was sweating!

Evening service again. This is Emmanuel, one of our part time musicians.

This is Alex, also one of our part-time musicians. These guys are very special to us and we LOVE them! They travel with us to all of our events.


Last week we hosted a pastoral workshop at our home. Greg did some wonderful teaching on unity in the body of Christ. He was specifically targeting the issue of churches of different denominations not being unified. We should put aside the differences in the small areas and work together and love each other based upon the foundation of Christ and being one body together. It was a great time. The teaching was excellent and the pastors seemed to really absorb the lesson.


Special Worship Service at Gbarnga Central Prison

We recently had the privilege of doing something new at one of the prisons that we minister in. For the first time we were able to bring our equipment and bless the staff and inmates with a special worship service. As far as we know this is the first time anyone has done this in a prison here in Liberia. It was a huge blessing to us all and we hope to repeat this in many other prisons. Greg and the music team led music, Pastor Richards spoke and I was the MC. It was wonderful. We were also able to give the prisoners some food and flip flops. The conditions inside the cells can be very filthy and many of the men don't have anything to put on their feet.

Singing time!

Pastor Richards preparing to distribute the flip flops (we call them shower slippers here).

Setting up the equipment.

Pst. Richards and I waiting for the service to begin.