Excuse the interruption......

But Daddy's Home!!!!!

Greg has been back in the states for a while and we are so happy to have him back with us! I will get back to posting on the Ganta trip soon.

Everyone worked hard to get the yard and house ready for Greg's arrival!

Paye sweeping up the clippings.

Shad mowing in the front yard.......the area where we had a green mamba fall from a tree last week!

Mark cutting bushes with a cutlass inside the yard.
Pastor Richards mowing inside the yard.
Bestman raking clippings.
We had a wonderful time of ministry in Red Light market this past Friday. The whole staff was able to be there along with Greg and me. Red Light is a market area not far from where we live. It is a very notorias place that is crowded, smelly and known for thieves! We had a hard time finding an area to preach this night but God worked it out and we had a good number of people who came and heard the preacing of the Gospel.

Greg, Bestman and Pastor Richards crossing to the area where we would be preaching.

Greg preaching.
Bestman preaching.
One of the cuties that was in the crowd :-)


Full Gospel Plantain Farm

During our visit in Nimba county we were able to go to Kpoapa village to see the new plantain project that we have sponsored for Full Gospel. They are doing well and we were so excited to see the plantain farm!

Just arriving in Kpoapa

Walking the trail to the farm

A young plantain tree

Some general inspection and discussion by our staff (You can see the larger plantain trees in the background).

The men!

The women and kids!

Me and Mrs. Valentine along with people from the village and some sweet gifts they sent with us! They gave us some wonderful squash (pumpkin), corn and cucumbers.


Spirit Liberia Hits Walmart

We had the incredible priviledge of setting up a booth outside of Walmart at Happy Valley and I-17 last Friday in Phoenix. It was a wonderful day of being able to talk to people about what we are doing in Liberia and how they can help. Praise God we were able to raise more than we had anticipated and Walmart has given us approval to be there nine of the last 13 weeks of the year!
I want to personally thank Marcus von Tobel and his son Anthony. I know for sure that Anthony has more guts and persistance than I will ever have and if it were not for him I am sure that our giving would have been about 1/2 of what it turned out to be.

We also had Vanessa's mom, Shirley, come and help out for a bit. It was such a fun day.

If you live in Phoenix and would be able to help out on a Friday between now and the end of the year please contact us to let us know at 1-877-236-9687.

Blessings to you all!


Visit with Full Gospel Orphanage, Nimba County

We had such a wonderful time visiting with Pastor Valentine, his wife and all of the kids at the Full Gospel Orphanage! We were able to bring them some used soccer items, play a movie for them with the projector that was provided by Fresh Start Fellowship and we also erected a sign identifying the well and the orphanage. They are such precious people we just wanted to stay with them! Please keep them in your prayers as they have a huge task in caring for the 30+ kids in their care. They have been doing all of this without outside help. The government here is beginning to develop some strict guidelines for orphanages and they are finding it difficult to meet some of the new requirements. I looked over the process and it does seem to be extremely difficult to fulfill these new policies. Please pray that God would open the doors for them to continue this special work and meet all of their needs.

While we were visiting with them we were able to get profiles and pictures to help with the Christmas program we are doing for them. We are looking to have each child in the orphanage sponsored ( for $30 to buy them shoes, clothes and some fun things) by Christmas. We will be taking another trip out there in December to deliver the gifts and also to aid with teacing for the church's yearly convention! We are so excited :-)

Picture time!!!!!
This is a semi-group photo of the kids :-) There were some that were not in the picture.

Movie Time! We played a Max Lucado film for the kids......the Hermie and Wormie series which teach great character values through biblical principle.Me and my boy! This is Darcy and he is my special little guy out in Nimba county. He lives at the orphanage. This is him all dressed up in one of the soccer outfits we brought. I think we gave about 25 uniforms and 10 pairs of cleats, socks, shin guards and 6 balls. They loved them!

Pastor Valentine holding Matty.

A group picture of all of us with Pastor Valentine and his wife in front of the new sign that we brought. You can see that Matty was NOT happy!

Left to right: Pastor Valentine, Mrs. Valentine, Shad, Vanessa, Pastor Richards holding Matty, Bestman and Mark in front.


Back from the Bush!

Hi Everyone! We just returned from an AWESOME 4 day trip to the bush (Nimba and Bong counties to be exact!) We had a wonderful visit and had a safe and productive trip. I will post with pictures ASAP. Sorry we haven't been posting much recently......serious generator problems have been the cause, and also a little something called Malaria :-) By God's grace I will post pictures from the trip tomorrow!

God Bless,
Vanessa for all of us!


Evangelistic Outreach Peace Island Day 1

We partnered with Kris and Trent and the PICA (Peace Island Church Association) and held an outreach program on 2 evenings in Peace Island. Kris brought a projector, we had a screen, we pulled together some other equipment and the evening was a success! We played some Max Lucado kids movies and also did some singing and preached the gospel message. The crowd grew to about 1500 people, many of them kids! It was awesome and such a beautiful night. I brought Jaden along and he was able to get some first hand experience with the ministry that we are doing here in Liberia. What a blessing!

Setting up! Trent splicing some wires together for light sockets!

Mark and Kris trying to connect the sound equipment and the projector.

More set-up! It was a learning process! In the end we got it accomplished!

Finally working!

These are some of the cute kids that were anticipating the movie!

Singing just before the preaching.