Spirit Liberia Hits Walmart

We had the incredible priviledge of setting up a booth outside of Walmart at Happy Valley and I-17 last Friday in Phoenix. It was a wonderful day of being able to talk to people about what we are doing in Liberia and how they can help. Praise God we were able to raise more than we had anticipated and Walmart has given us approval to be there nine of the last 13 weeks of the year!
I want to personally thank Marcus von Tobel and his son Anthony. I know for sure that Anthony has more guts and persistance than I will ever have and if it were not for him I am sure that our giving would have been about 1/2 of what it turned out to be.

We also had Vanessa's mom, Shirley, come and help out for a bit. It was such a fun day.

If you live in Phoenix and would be able to help out on a Friday between now and the end of the year please contact us to let us know at 1-877-236-9687.

Blessings to you all!

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Don said...

I really enjoyed the updates on the website and hearing about the exciting things that God is doing. The pictures are so wonderful on the site and the blog. Our prayers will continue and the Walmart opportunities will be added. That's a whole lot of time and lots of work - may God bless it with his abundance.
Debbie Smeeton (Mom)