Excuse the interruption......

But Daddy's Home!!!!!

Greg has been back in the states for a while and we are so happy to have him back with us! I will get back to posting on the Ganta trip soon.

Everyone worked hard to get the yard and house ready for Greg's arrival!

Paye sweeping up the clippings.

Shad mowing in the front yard.......the area where we had a green mamba fall from a tree last week!

Mark cutting bushes with a cutlass inside the yard.
Pastor Richards mowing inside the yard.
Bestman raking clippings.
We had a wonderful time of ministry in Red Light market this past Friday. The whole staff was able to be there along with Greg and me. Red Light is a market area not far from where we live. It is a very notorias place that is crowded, smelly and known for thieves! We had a hard time finding an area to preach this night but God worked it out and we had a good number of people who came and heard the preacing of the Gospel.

Greg, Bestman and Pastor Richards crossing to the area where we would be preaching.

Greg preaching.
Bestman preaching.
One of the cuties that was in the crowd :-)

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Carey said...

Thanks for the pictures of the lawn. It's probably silly but, I wondered if there was grass/lawns there. Most pictures show dirt.