The Middles!

These are the final 3! They are the boys who are all in the middle.

This is Jaden.....yes, he is a BOY! He has beautiful longer hair and can sometimes be mistaken for a girl - which really irritates him! Don't be fooled by the hair, this kid is all boy and very excited to eat bamboo worms in Liberia! He is our bio son and he is 7, the oldest of the "middles".

This is Samuel. Samuel is adopted from Liberia and he is 5. He is the "middle" of the first group of 3 that we brought home from Liberia. Samuel is all charm, but always has something up his sleeve!

This is Noah, he is also adopted from Liberia. He was the baby of the 3 from Liberia until we brought little brother Maxwell home in November. He will be 3 at the end of the month. Noah loves to laugh and just be silly!



There they are.....the final 3.....for now! We will certainly introduce the baby in June :-) Thank you again for all of your prayer as we work toward moving this crew to Liberia. We are planning to move in August. God Bless!


Penny said...

What a fun looking bunch!!! The girls want to braid Jaden's hair. I bet he gets many offers once you are in Liberia. We continue to pray for you all.
Penny and family

Donna Barber said...

are you not missing a few? And dont you think you should adopt some girls while you are over there? ha!