Special Building Fund Service- White Dove Outreach Ministries

White Dove has started their new agricultural project, which is located near Gbarnga in Bong county. We will be sharing pictures of their new project soon!
They recently had a special service to raise money for their building project. They need to put permanent walls up on their church structure. Spirit Liberia was honored to be invited to provide the guest speaker which was Brother Bestman Todawiah. Most of the staff was able to attend the service and it was a blessing for all! Unfortunately the congregation thought that I was coming to the service also, so they were disappointed when they realized that I was back in the States! I had just visited with them a week or so prior to the service but it was the same day I was leaving Liberia.

Pastor Melvin Mappy- notice how beautifully they decorated the church for the service! I am always impressed with the formality that Liberia conducts itself with. From their dress to their respect of elders and processes they conduct themselves with much more formality than we do here in the U.S. We have become so casual about everything. I find this formality quite refreshing!

Brother Bestman- he has been pinned! The pinning is done out of love and respect. The individuals purchase different flowers and ribbons and pin them on each other. This was only the beginning of Bestman's pins for the day!

The Congregation

Brother Bestman preaching and looking quite handsome in his Zoot suit!

Shad was pinned too!

Mark was pinned!
Brother Bestman was the king of pins for the day! As the speaker he was honored with all of those pins! I had to laugh when I first saw this picture! Too funny!

The service was wonderful and they were able to raise some funds for their building. All in all it was a success!

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Penny Sue said...

How fun! My husband was able to attend a service during our stay in Liberia. It was a day to honor fathers and when they found out how many children he had they kept pinning and pinning. Thanks for the joyful reminder.