Off to port!

Wednesday afternoon, just over half way full! We were wondering if we would really make it for Friday's pick-up!

With the help of some friends, including Brother James coming back with more BIG boxes, we got it finished in the early hours of Friday morning! It's full, and we were able to throw in the kids Little Tykes play gym to solidify the last open space! They will be very happy to have this in our yard in Liberia!
Everything is in the container, labeled, weighed........all documents are in order. Time to close up! The truck is waiting!
A local towing company pulled the container out of the warehouse to be transferred onto the flatbed.
Boy, it was hard to lift this onto the truck! It totaled out at over 13,000 pounds!!!!
It is a good thing we had a crane on the tow truck to lift it :-)

Smooth landing, right where it needed to be.
It has been an interesting journey and quite the learning experience getting this all put together. Kind of like an adoption???? This time Greg got to do all of the drudging through paperwork and processing!

Big sigh of relief as we wave goodbye to our 13,000 pound baby!
Please pray with us as our staff in Liberia are working on all of the documentaion on that end to get this container out of port.......Duty Free. This can be a very difficult and tedious process. The container will be in Liberia in early June, so there is no time to waste. They have been faithfully going to the various government branches daily trying to work through the process. We need God to grant us favor in the eyes of the officials who will be processing our Duty Free voucher. Thank you all so much for being an integral part of putting this together. You are a blessing!


Penny Sue said...

We are so excited for all of you! Another step of faith towards your move to Liberia. The kids loved the lifting of the container picture. We will pray for everything to work out on the other end. Have a great day of rest tomorrow.

Spirit Liberia said...

Thanks Penny! I hope the kids got a good laugh at our corney picture pretending to lift the container. It was fun :-) God Bless! ~Vanessa