Meet Jacob, Eli, Judah and Maxwell!

I have been receiving requests recently to see pictures of the kids. So...... here are a few introductions! I will spread them out over a few posts, probably with some Liberia posts in the mix. For those of you who don't know this, we have 10 kids, with number 11 due in June!

These are my twins :-) They are twins not by birth, but by adoption! Elijah is our biological son who is 9 years old. Jacob is our Liberian son who is also 9 years old. They are great friends and just sweet little men! They are hard workers, kind and caring, most importantly they love God and want to serve Him!

Eli and Jacob trying to wrangle 2 year old Judah into the picture with them!

These 2 are the youngest of the bunch! Maxwell is our adopted son from Liberia and he is 1. Judah is our biological son and he is 2. This is the face Judah makes when we ask him to smile for the camera. Maxwell seems to think it is pretty interesting!

This is the start! We have 7 boys......so far! We will have a new little boy in June, and we have 3 girls. I hope you enjoy getting to know our family! I hope it will help you remember to pray for each of us as we take this journey to Africa. You will now have names and faces to put with your prayers.

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