The New Gospel Tract!

We are so pleased to be able to announce the completion of the Liberian English Gospel tract produced by Spirit Liberia! We were able to get 5,000 copies printed in black and white.

These first 2 pictures were taken in the print shop. Can you tell Mark is happy????

Hitting the prisons and the streets with the new tracts for the first time!
left to right: Bestman, Mark, Shad and Paye

This is the tract outside. It is 2 sided and folds in the middle.
This is the tract inside.
We will be providing these tracts to churches for their use in evangelism. The one shown here has an open box for them to fill in their individual church contact information. The ones that we use for our evangelism have Spirit Liberia contact information.
Please pray with us that God would use these tracts in a mighty way for His glory! It was only possible to get these tracts printed because of your faithful support. We thank you all so much! You are having an impact and joining with us in spreading the good news of the gospel to desperate lost and dying souls in Liberia.
If anyone would like to have a printable copy of the full color tract email your request to us at: bogdans@spiritliberia.org and we will be happy send it to you!


Penny Sue said...

Way to Go...it looks great! May each one handed out reap a tremendous harvest!
It was great to meet you both on Sunday. We pray that God continues to guide and direct in all that you do. Ardee and Penny

Spirit Liberia said...

Thanks Penny! It was great to meet you too! You have a wonderful family. I just wish we lived closer! I think we would be great friends :-)

Greg and Vanessa