White Dove Outreach Ministries

We would like to introduce you to a church we have been working with for about the last 5 months. It is called White Dove Outreach Ministries, located in the Paynesville, Red Light, Pipleline Community. This church is shepherded by Pastor Melvin Mappy. This photo is of the first delivery of tools for their initial agricultural project! For all of the churches that Spirit Liberia works with, there is an approval process. The church submits an application and we conduct an interview. The first phase is completed by our staff in Liberia, generally overseen by Pastor Joseph Richards who is our field coordinator responsible to be our "Church Liason". He is the one primarily responsible for developing the relationships with the churches and taking in applications. Once this step is completed and approval is given, phase 2 is an interview with Greg. This mostly consists of hearing the pastors testimony, vision for his congregation, basic doctrinal beliefs etc. Greg has been doing this interview by phone, but of course once we move there it will be in person! We are a non-denominational organization, but we do have strict requirements that all churches we work with are bible believing, bible preaching churches who's practices are in line with biblical principles and are in agreement with our statement of faith.
Pastor Mappy taking posession of the tools provided for their first farm project!
My first meeting with Pastor Mappy and others at the church. Pastor Mappy is directly across from me in the white shirt.

You will notice that this church has a wonderful roof, but is in need of walls! They had great hopes that their farm project would be able to provide for this need.

Walking out to see the farm project! It was about a 20 minute walk!
Still walking!

Pastor Mappy and Pastor Richards leading the way!

This is the farm. I think it is about 2 acres.

This is our general inspection, unfortunately the place that they planted did not have good fertile soil and the project has struggled.

Pastor Mappy showing us the farm.

Making the long trek back out! The guys take such good care of me when I am there! Bestman is on my left, and he carried my purse for me the whole time! They never let me leave it in the car :-) Pastor Richards was helping me walk the hill, you will notice the bricks in the back. Those are called "Dead Bricks" and they are made with a mixture of dirt, sand and I think a little cement. They are much less expensive than cement blocks to use for building. You build the walls with them and then cover it in cement (like plastering). It looks like regular cement block at that point and they are said to last about 20 years!
Pastor Mappy and the congregation at White Dove worked tirelessly on their project. Unfortunately, due to the location in which they planted, the project was not too successful. They were able to grow some potato greens and also some bitter ball. The other plants wilted shortly after sprouting. When they noticed that there was a problem, they immediately contacted us for help and advice. We tried some additional fertilizer and they were watering enough and it was determined that the soil was just not right. It actually looked all cracked and strange when I saw it. I felt so bad for Pastor Mappy and the congregation. They had high hopes for their project to be able to help them put walls up for their church. He was so ashamed of how the farm turned out that when I met him he actually had tears in his eyes because he didn't really know what I would say to him. I wanted to cry for him! I felt so bad for them because they had not been able to provide the income for their church that they had anticipated. I told him that we could see that they had made every effort and we would not give up on them. We want to see them succeed! They do a wonderful job maintaining their church facility and we could not have asked for more than the effort they made on their project. They did their best. Sometimes things just don't work, no matter how great an effort is made. I assured him that we would be very willing to help them with another ag project. We love them and will not be giving up on them! They found a new area and have submitted their new plan. We are excited for them and this new effort. We will post on their new project soon! Please remember this sweet congregation in your prayers.

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