Bestman in Peace Island evangelizing and handing out gospel tracts. Pastor Prince ministering with the support of Spirit Liberia ministry staff. Local women who received the tracts.
Pastor Prince evangelizing one on one.

Shad, Bestman and Pastor Prince preparing to do street evangelism with Pastor Prince. Peace Island, Jacob Town.

Pastor Prince Zeaway, pastor of End Times Pillar of Fire Apostolic Church in Peace Island, has a heart to reach out to his community. We are happy for God laying this need on his heart. He has expressed interest in the street evangelism that Spirit Liberia is doing. We thought that taking him out in his local area and doing this ministry with him, also providing tracts would be a wonderful blessing. The goal is to minister to people in that local area and be able to then direct them to Pastor Prince's church for continued discipleship. Please keep Pastor Prince, his family and the congregation in your prayers as they minister in this desperate community!

We were blessed to have Dan and Stacy Gjerstadt leave many ministry materials with us when they left Liberia, but those materials are almost gone. We will be putting more in our shipment and also have designed a "Liberian" english gospel tract that is in printing right now in Liberia and will be finished next week! We will post it here for your viewing very soon! We are so excited!

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