Meeting Basic Needs - Another project!

We have a program that we call "Meeting Basic Needs". You can find more information on our website under "Projects". It is just what the name indicates! Meeting basic humanitarian needs as we are able and feel led. Our ministry focus is not to be giving handouts, but to help with providing sustainability and responsibility. Sometimes there is just a need to meet a basic need. There are many different opportunities for doing this.

Meet Annie Duwah. She is the recipient of something very special!

This is Annie's daughter Comfort. Comfort has Cerebral Palsy, and has had some children that she had to give up. She is not able to care for them with her physical condition.

Annie and Comfort have been living in terrible conditions, in housing that leaks and floods, and is just in deplorable condition.

This is one of the places that they have been living. It is a room that they were renting, but had to leave because they could not even afford the rent for a place like this.

Annie and Comfort were previously employed by an Orphanage in Liberia but in the last year lost their jobs due to the adoption issues going on in the country and the Orphanage having to lay-off most of their people. Even when they were employed, they could not afford decent living conditions.

A very generous family who knew of their situation donated the money and asked that Spirit Liberia build a house for them. We agreed! The house was originally planned to be built in a different area, but we ran into some issues there and we built the house on the site where the well was dug in Rock Hill. Here is the beginning stage of construction!

Now it is complete! The house turned out beautifully. It has 1 bedroom, an indoor bathroom and a sitting room. There are bars on the windows and wood shutters that close up completely.

Annie and Bestman and Pastor Richards praying and dedicating the house.

Welcome home Annie!!!! We are so happy for you :-)


Penny Sue said...

Praise the Lord! What a blessing for this mother and daughter. As you provide the physical may God meet the spirtual need as well. I will keep them in my prayers.

Judy said...

What a beautiful picture of the dedication of their home! Makes me smile! Judy

Spirit Liberia said...

Thanks Judy! I agree, it is a great picture.