Fresh Start Fellowship

We had a wonderful visit with a church in Fairview, Oklahoma this past weekend. This is a group of people who have a big place in their hearts for Liberia. They have a wonderful diverse congregation and multiple families have adopted children from Liberia. Unfortunately we did not have Mark there to take all of the pictures for us, so we only have a few, but I will post what I have!

Hanging out at Garen's house, talking and having a great time!

Pastor- Kris Ewbank and his sweet wife!

Me relaxing after the service, and Garen Ewbank in the orange. Garen is a blast, and always a source of fun and laughs!

Sorry this is so dark. This is Dax Ewbank, Garen's son. He has an amazing heart for evangelism and is a gifted speaker.
The kids came up to get a closer view of the baptism.

Garen and the congregation waiting for the baptism to begin.
Kris speaking on Sunday morning.

Thank you everyone at Fresh Start Fellowship for the wonderful hospitality and fellowship! We are so excited to see how the Lord will grow this friendship.

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Brook said...

Hi, I'm Brook Ewbank--Kris and Tammy Ewbank's daughter. I was very sad that I was not able to make it back to OK to meet you all. I travelled to Liberia with them and totally fell in love with it. I'm so excited to see what God has in store and look forward to see how God will use you all and Fresh Start Fellowship to reach the people of Peace Island and Liberia! Maybe next they make a trip to Liberia, I can meet you all! God Bless!