Packing the Container

Packing the container was a BIG job, but it was an amazing blessing!

Greg and I started the process! I had the best job, which was logging the weight and description of each item placed inside the container. Greg did all of the hard work, arranging everything in a way that it would be secure and the best use of space. He said, "Now I know why I always played Tetris as a kid - it was preparing me to fill this container!"

We found that we had more than enough room for the items we had on hand so we invited Brother James Neymah to bring some items to put in our shipment. Brother James is the pastor of Africa Faith Expressions, a church which consists primarily of Liberian refugees now residing here in the Phoenix area. We have been so blessed to get to know Brother James, his wife Lucy and the congregation at AFE. We attend there every other week.
Left to right: Greg, Vanessa, Brother James, Joshua

As a congregation AFE is reaching back out to local churches and communities in Liberia. They are doing some great work, so we were happy to be able to provide room for them to ship bibles, backpacks and soccer gear in our container.

Brother James wanted to weigh himself.....

Would you like me to tell you his weight???? Just kidding. We had a great time together. It was wonderful having them helping with the packing!

This is one of their boxes, labeled for pick-up in Paynesville. They won the prize for the BIGGEST boxes in the container! They had one single box that was over 220 pounds!
Don't be fooled by the box, this was NOT a TV, it was soccer uniforms :-)
This is our oldest daughter Macey. She went on a trip to Liberia with us in March of 2008. She is very ready to go back. Her nickname in Liberia is "Missionary". Macey has felt called to the mission field since she was a small child. This is going to be wonderful training ground for her! In this photo she is holding samples of some of the Bibles, New Testaments, and John and Romans booklets that are going to Liberia.

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