Water for life!

We are pleased to announce the installation of a new well! Do you remember Full Gospel Church in Ganta, Nimba County? I have posted about this church and orphanage many times before. They are the proud new owners of a fresh water well provided to them by Spirit Liberia. This was only possible through the generous support of all of you ( and a great job by our staff!).

This was their attempt at digging a well. I saw this hole when I visited them in March. They had begun trying to dig a well, which was done by hand. After going about 30 feet down, they had not hit water and the man who was digging was too afraid to go back in the hole. Wells like this can collapse on the person digging. They took a step of faith and although their water did not come from this particular source, God brought the water in His own time and through His own means. We believe He is not only blessing them for their faithfulness to caring for His children, but for their effort in working to bring the water they so desperately need.

So, they covered the hole with this board and these sticks and kept the faith that God would bring them water. I was very concerned about all of the kids around and having this type of situation!

Pastor Valentine and his wife pastor Full Gospel church and also run an orphanage out of their home which houses just under 30 kids. They range in age from 4 years old to 17 years old. They are doing a wonderful job raising these kids and we are so happy that we were able to help them out with this well project. They have been carrying their water quite a distance everyday. Imagine how much water would be carried on a daily basis for so many people. This would be water for laundry, bathing, cooking, cleaning, drinking etc.

While the guys were working on getting the container released from port, they were simultaneously managing the digging of this well. We are so proud of them! This last week they made the trip out to Ganta to take the final step, which was installing the hand pump. This well was placed in a different location than the original hole that had been dug. It is in a much better location for easy access and in a lower elevation for reaching water easier.

Here are some of the children that will be enjoying fresh water from this well! Mark, Pastor Valentine and Bestman are in the back.

Installation of the pump and piping begins!


Shad and Bestman enjoying the moment :-)
Pastor and Mrs. Valentine thanking the contractor who installed the well.

Happy happy people ready to enjoy easy access to fresh water for life!
We want to send a big "Thank You" to all of you who have made this special project possible through prayer and financial support. These sweet people are a beacon of hope in their community shining the light and love of Christ all around.

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Diane said...

It is such a joy to see pictures of how the Lord is using Spirit Liberia to meet the needs of so many! Praise God!