A visit from Fairview!

We had the pleasure of having a visit this week from Pastor Kris Ewbank and Trent Watkins from our church in Fairview Oklahoma. It was such a blessing to be with them again! They had a great visit and did some wonderful ministry.....we had some fun too! I will post soon with some pictures from our visit to Buchanan Central prison and an outreach program we did with them in Peace Island.

This picture is of me, Kylee, Matty and the group from the Peace Island churches anticipating the arrival! I think the Peace Island church group had at least 2 buses full of people waiting to greet them!

Finally landed! It is always a little overwhelming getting out of the airport and into the vehicles with all of your belongings! There were a LOT of people waiting to greet them.
I want to say a big "THANK YOU" to the folks in Fairview for sending some special requests for us with Kris and Trent....especially Sheila and Lisa! This is Libby playing with the doll that you guys sent. She loves it!

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fiodax said...

Sure, just rub it in...man I wish I could have made this trip. Next time for sure! Can't wait to hear some stories when they get home!