We apologize it has been so long since we have updated this blog. We will post soon about everything that is happening with Spirit Liberia, but wanted to update you all about a personal situation we have been going through recently.

Many of you have heard by now, that we have lost our sweet baby that was due to be born in October. This is a new experience for us, we have never lost a baby. God was incredibly gracious and merciful to us during this time. He prepared the way in our hearts and lead us into His presence. We found out about 2 weeks ago that there was a problem with the baby that could be fatal. We had 2 weeks to pray and fast and ask the Lord to make another way and spare our child. Many people who have lost pregnancies are not given that opportunity. We are truly thankful that God blessed us with that time. While we will miss this baby dearly and look forward anxiously to meeting her someday in Heaven, we have total peace and joy in God's perfect will. We know that this baby would not have died had He not allowed it and ordained it for His purposes. None of our children belong to us, they are gifts on loan by their heavenly Father who loves them more than we could ever imagine. We have learned over the years to trust in His love completely, even when it hard to understand. We can rest in His goodness and in the fact that we will be united again together one day. If you have not yet commited your life to Christ, repented of your sin and given Him control of your life, please consider doing that today. God does not desire for even one of us to perish. All are born in sin and need redemption. The only way is through repentance and relationship with Christ. Could this baby of ours have the earthly purpose of pointing you to Christ? Certainly! One day we may have the answer, but for now, we will take every opportunity to give God the glory! If you would like prayer, or just to learn more about salvation please pursue that! You can call or e-mail us, or another Christian in your life. If you feel God calling you, the time is now! Don't wait. Thank you to all who faithfully lifted us up in prayer during this time. We love you.

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Melodie said...

So sorry for your loss!!! I will be praying for you.