Meet Bestman

Bestman Todawiah- Ministry Coodinator, Spirit Liberia
Bestman with Family: Wife Jestin, sons Christopher, Diamond, and Stephen

Bestman with son Stephen

Bestman preaching on the street

Bestman (in hat) along with Pastor Richards and some local children working at Pillar of Fire Church's agricultural site.

Moving on to the next staff introduction, we are now to Bestman Todawiah. Bestman has been working with Spirit Liberia for only a few months, but he is blending well with the team and we are super excited to have him on staff. Prior to working for Spirit Liberia he was partnering with Dan Gjerstad, an American Evangelist who spent a year in Liberia with his family. Together they did street preaching, prison outreach and various bible studies and other ministry activities. This was not a paid position for Bestman.

Bestman is Ministries coodinator for Spirit Liberia and heads up our evangelistic ministry. He is doing a GREAT job and has a true heart for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world. Bestman is a meek and gentle man, who is not afraid to step out on the street corner and preach loud enough to be heard over the crowd.

Bestman is married to his wonderful wife Jestina. They have been blessed with 3 boys, Christopher, Diamond and Stephen. They are a wonderful family and we are so very blessed to know them. Thank you Bestman! We love you!


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