Gbarnga Central Prison

During our most recent trip to Ganta we were able to stop and minister at the Gbarnga Central Prison again. It is along the same route we take to Ganta. It was a wonderful time of ministry! Below is the sign board that has some statistics from the prison.

Ministry time...this includes preaching, bible reading, questions, tracts, and prayer.

We gave farina again as a gift of love to the inmates. Food can be very scarce for the prisoners. They greatly appreciate this non-perishable food which they can eat as is or it can also be cooked. It is a dry product made from ground cassava. We add sugar to give it flavor.

I had the opportunity to spend time ministering to the only female prisoner at the compound. She is sentenced to life in prison for murder. Please pray for her, she needs God to convict her heart of the sin and she needs to repent!

Shad and I with Matty inside the prison.

The prison staff and me, Matty and our staff.

God Bless!


Kelly said...

I love reading about your ministry! Please keep posting! Hello to Mark and Shad. Hopefully we'll see you in late December!

後來 said...

hello~nice to meet u.........................................