Tubmanburg Central Prison

We have had some great things happening here. I know the blog has not been updated regularly, but that does not mean that we have not been busy! In fact, the exact opposite. We have been soooo very busy and things are going so well. We visited about 4 prisons at Christmas with gifts and ministry, delivered gifts to the orphanage and now in January have gotten 5 new agricultural projects started, done a lot of evangelism, helped organize a pastoral workshop for Pastor Kris and the guys from Fresh Start Fellowship in Oklahoma just to name a few!

During a recent visit to the Tubmanburg Central Prison (located in Bomi County) something interesting and exciting was discovered! The words from the inner part of our Liberian English Gospel tract were painted on the wall inside one of the cells. We were so excited and encouraged by this.

I will do my best to get the orphanage Christmas pictures up here soon. Thank you Dax for getting the internet back up and running again! I will try to upload a few pics......

Kris grilling his specialty.....Fajitas! He bought and prepared a special Fajita dinner for our family and our staff. It was awesome! The grilling was done on our coal pot/grill. Our son Elijah is pictured here with him.

This is the wall inside a cell in Tubmanburg Central Prison. These words are taken from the tract we designed and printed. How cool!

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