Patience Update

Vanessa's first meeting with Patience .

First meeting of the babies at 3 weeks old!

Baby items we have been providing.

Look at these babies now!

Pastor Richards holding Bless and Blessing! What great names!

Many of you will remember Patience. We had requested prayer for her situation a couple of months back. You can read the original information about her situation on our website under “meeting basic needs”. She is a young mom who is really struggling and has beautiful twin baby girls in addition to 5 other kids! We have been helping her out with formula for the babies since she was not producing enough milk for them and now they are doing great! I (Vanessa) will be in Liberia in the next 2 weeks and I hope to meet with her personally and work out a better long term plan. The original story we heard was that her husband died and she was alone with the kids. She was very difficult to communicate with when I last met her. We are now hearing that she did have her husband die, but that she is re-married now and this new husband is the father of the twins. They were living out in the bush and she had to bring some of the kids to the city because of sickness and they were basically starving. So they have been separated for about 4 months now. We are working on locating her husband and working out a plan to re-unite them all and help get them on their feet. Please pray for this desperate family and for wisdom for us as we strive to help.

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