Full Gospel Apostolic Church, Ganta, Nimba County, Liberia

Here are a few more pictures from the church convention that was in January!

These are some of the church youth.

This is the Pastor's wife, Kan S. Valentine (on far left).

This woman was possessed by a demon and they prayed over her for deliverance.
These are pictures of the presentation of additonal tools and supplies!
Their farm project was doing so well that they needed some more tools and fertilizer, so Spirit Liberia was able to come to their aid with more tools and the needed supplies!
Getting the car all packed for the 5-6 hour trip to Ganta!
Good thing we had a roof rack!
Everyone is ready to go! Left to right- Bestman, Shad, Mark, Pastor Richards
Presentation to Pastor Valentine as he expresses his gratitude!

For the agricultural projects, we interview interested churches, they fill out an application and upon approval we then partner with them on their agricultural project. The tools all remain the property of Spirit Liberia, but are given on loan as needed. The Pastor signs out the tools. He agrees to maintain them properly and return them when they are no longer needed for the project. When the ground is ready we provide the requested seed and fertilizers. Spirit Liberia Field coordinators routinely inspect the fields and offer guidance and help if it is needed or requested. At harvest and sale of the produce the church then gives 10% of the proceeds from the project back to Spirit Liberia. This is then invested in further agricultural support. The remainder of the proceeds can be used at the discretion of the church on whatever their needs are. They may choose to improve their building, buy more land to farm, purchase teaching materials etc. All of the projects are doing well and we are so blessed to see the effort these wonderful brothers and sisters are putting into these projects. Spirit Liberia is only able to provide this assistance through the support of all of you! We need you to stand beside us faithfully with prayer and finances. Thank you!

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