Remember the office?

It's that time again! In December you all came together and helped us pay the first half of 1 years rent on the office/house! We were so encouraged by that. Thank You! The second half of the rent is due February 15 in the amount of $4200. We need you to come beside us with support! This is an URGENT and IMPORTANT need! This house is used as our office in Liberia which has been a huge blessing. It will also be where our family lives when we move to Liberia in April. We know the economy is difficult and that it is a huge sacrifice for many of you to give right now. We are feeling the crunch like everyone. Please pray and seek the Lord's will in what He would have you do. We are answering the call and taking the steps in faith, but we need an army of support behind us. With our move to Liberia and the costs of the ministry projects we desperately need YOU to help financially and in prayer support. We are looking for one time gifts and for people to commit to monthly support on all levels. Seek the Lord, and do what you can to help spread the Good News today! Thank you and God Bless!

You will find the original posts on the house labeled "WE NEED YOUR HELP" and "WE GOT IT"

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Donna Barber said...

Awesome- I hope this works great for you- love the house!