More on the convention

During the convention in Kpoapa the guys called us and asked for prayer. In Liberia there is very open demonic activity and secret societies even in this day and age. During specific times in the interior villages the "town devil" comes out and these are activities of the secret societies. Anyone who is not affiliated with these societies are forced to go into their houses and stay there until the activities are finished. Our guys were there in the village for the convention when this occured. They asked for prayer and safety as they were in this area and feeling the darkness. They decided to take the day and go out to a different town, on the border of Guinea and Liberia, to evangelize. What satan intended for evil God used for good! They had a wonderful time ministering to the people there and then returned for the convention in the evening. Here is a report from brother Bestman on the evangelism from this trip.

During the period under review, with God almighty being our strength we were able to evangelized in a village in Lofa called Kokolu Zaza with about 25 houses and no local church. The method used at this village to spead the gospel was" one to one" by the grace of God 25 pieces of New Testiments and 41 gospel tracts were given out and willingly received. One of the recipients of the new testiment give her little sitting place for bible studies. This place I believe will accommodate about 20 persons at a time. Also while still in Lofa we were able to speak to individuals during the koo's (the group of hired men working to clear the farm). Please pray with us that God through the Holy Spirit will water the seed of truth planted in the lives of these people. -submitted by brother Bestman

Pastor Richards walking along with a woman telling her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Bestman, Mark and Pastor Richards as they prepared to return to the convention.

Shad, Pastor Richards and Bestman along with the border commander and some other men.

Pastor Richards ministering.

Mark and Bestman (in orange) doing one on one evangelism in Kokolu Zaza.

Shad ministering to a woman on the street.

Pastor ministering at the Border crossing.

Some interesting signs in Kpoapa, the town where the convention was held.

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