BONEWEN PRISON in Harbel, Margibi County

Our newest staff member, Paye Hallowanger, folding a John and Romans booklet to slip it between the bars.
Brother Bestman preaching in the prison corridor.

Inmates in their cell

Prison Staff and Superintendent with Spirit Liberia staff
Paye giving some soap to the Prison Superintendent

Giving soap to the inmates

The Central Prison in Monrovia is undergoing some building repairs so we are not able to visit that prison until the repairs are completed. Normally we visit Central Prison 1 time weekly. The guys decided to go out to the Bonewen Prison in Harbel (which is in Margibi County) this week instead. I think it is about a one and a half hour drive. The ministry was wonderful and they were warmly welcomed. They were able to hand out 1 bar of soap to each of the prisoners and the staff at the prison which was greatly appreciated.
You may notice Pastor Richards is wearing headphones! We gave each of the guys an IPOD Shuffle for Christmas and he is obviously enjoying it! We had to laugh when we saw this :)

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