Church Convention Report

Spirit Liberia was honored to join with Full Gospel Apostolic Church in their convention December 31st through January 4th. This church is located in Kpoapa township in Nimba County just outside of Ganta. Pastor Richards, Brother Bestman and Brother Shad Flumo all taught at the convention. The theme of the convention "Forgetting those things which are behind" (Phillipians 3:10-14)
Topics of teaching included Christian Leadership, Christian Stewardship, Evangelism, and Family and Church Financial Management.
There were approximately 174 people in attendance. There were 40 people baptized including a 96 year old woman! I will probably do a few posts about this convention, a lot happened there and we have quite a few great pictures! Thanks Mark!

96 year old "mother" was baptized during the convention.

People praying before the baptism. (Pastor Richards is in the shorts and red striped shirt)

People waiting to be baptized and observers. (Mark is in the white shirt and jeans)


More of the baptism line

People lying on the ground after the baptism.


Diane said...

Wow! It's wonderful to see how the Lord is working in Liberia! I'm praying for you all as you make your preparations to move you family there! Love you guys!


Donna Barber said...

Awesome- and where is the updates on the marathon? Did Greg pass out and have nothing to report! :0) We want pictures too!!!!

Spirit Liberia said...

Thanks for the reminder Donna! I posted an update on the marathon :)