Sanniquelli Prison, Nimba County

We had a great visit at the Sanniquellie prison. It has taken me a long time to get this post up due to major difficulty getting the pictures to load. Sanniquellie is deep inside Nimba county (about 7 hours from our office) and is a very unique and beautiful part of Liberia.

Entering the prison with Matty on my back. I put him there to limit the people trying to hold him :-)

Shad and myself and Matty with some of the prison staff, including the superintendent.

Pastor Richards preaching inside the yard.

Some of the inmates, notice the elderly man. His story is very sad and it seems that he is in prison due to some people trying to steal his land. This type of retaliation is common here.

Shad preaching to the individual cells. Some of the inmates are not allowed into the yard due to bad behavior/aggression.

Pst. Richards speaking to the inmates in the yard.
Farina we gave as a gesture of kindness to feed the prisoners. Farina is a milled product made from dried cassava. Cassava is a starchy root that is commonly eaten here in Africa.
The inmates listening as Pst. read through the gospel tract with them that Spirit Liberia has produced in Liberian English.

Mark (the one always behind the camera) and Matty having a great time together!
On this day there were about 107 prisoners in this prison. 7 of them were women and all of the women were in prison for murder. I have noticed that nearly ALL of the women we find in prison are there for murder. Murder and rape are the top crimes at all prisons with usually 20-30 people in for each. The next highest is robbery. Ministering to these people is a special calling. The conditions are rough but God is blessing us, the inmates, the staff and the country through our reaching out to this most desperate population.