Lorhn 2, pictures, pictures, pictures!!!

The second day in Lorhn was wonderful. We spent time relaxing with the people, eating and just enjoying the day. In the afternoon, when the men came from their farms we had a soccer game! It was so much fun. Our guys played against the local team. In the evening we had a wonderful outreach service and had many people repent and accept Jesus as their personal savior. This included one of the town elders! What an exciting evening!

Mark, who is on our staff, is from Lorhn. His mother, father and many other family members still live there. It has been a real blessing to make such a positive impact in the lives of these special people. This is Mark's dad.

I had the pleasure of cooking lunch for my family with the other women in this African kitchen. It was really a fun and unique experience! I cooked Kidney beans with beef and rice. It was good!!This is Hannah, Mark's sister. She was a huge blessing to me and helped out in the kitchen a LOT!

These are some pictures of kids in the village. There are a LOT of them!!!
When we finished the beans there was a lot left over. We gave it to the little ones.

As you can see, they finished every last bite!

All of the guys enjoying some Dumboy. This is a traditional African food.

Everyone sitting around enjoying the day.

Beautiful view of Mt. Gibi.
Walking to the soccer field.

Enjoying some roasted corn while watching the activities :-)

All of us fans supporting our team! No one scored....no winner, no loser. This was a good thing :-) Just for fun!
Lorhn's local team in their new uniforms!

Our team along with some other guys from the community filling in.

The last post on Lorhn will be next! We are also working on a farm project here with a local organization focused on the rehabilitation of former child soldiers.

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