Let There Be Light!!!

Well, I guess it would be better said, let there be ELECTRICITY! We cannot thank all of you enough that gave towards the generator. We were able to purchase the 15kw generator. It was installed this week and is working wonderfully.

I talked with Kylee today and she said that she is so used to not sleeping with air-conditioning (almost been a year now), that she had to put on a sweater last night. I asked her why she didn't just turn it off and she said that she wouldn't dare...she was so excited to be able to sleep with air-conditioning now.

As the director of Spirit Liberia, as well as the proud father and husband of my family in Liberia, I cannot thank you enough for your support! I do not take it lightly and I do not take it for granted. I stopped specifically tonight and prayed for each of you who gave so that we could improve our living conditions and effectiveness as a ministry.

When we chose to start Spirit Liberia back in 2007, we made a commitment not to quit, no matter what the consequences. We knew that God was calling us to a new way of thinking, a new way of living, and a new way of believing. This past year has brought many difficulties. We have had trials that we would have never expected, and days and weeks that seemed to last forever. But God has remained consistent just as He promised. He has remained faithful to provide for us as He sees fit. He called us to obedience, but He continues to remind us that He has not called us to sacrifice more than necessary.

We have learned over the past year that we do not NEED air-conditioning to live. We do not need lights and a refrigerator, or even a hair dryer and iron (well - some of us may feel differently about this!). But these blessings come as a reminder that we have a loving God, loving friends and family, and we can look to tomorrow knowing that God is in control and actively protecting, guiding, and providing. What an incredible God we serve.


The new generator

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