It continues....

The saga continues......

The guys waited at the Ministry of Finance all day today. They were assured they would be first in to see the commissioner since their appointment had been cancelled on Friday. They were finally promised to be able to see her this afternoon and that never happened. They have been told that they will be able to see her tomorrow so they are probably in for another day of waiting. Please keep praying for them and for this process. Everyone is getting very frustrated. Our goal is to get the container released this week, and we are certain it will take paying the additonal $900 for this to happen. But....God is still in the business of working miracles!

On a lighter note, at the start of rainy season as we were having our weekly staff meeting we discussed what impact the heavy rains would have on their ability to continue with the normal ministry schedule. They informed us that they really needed rainsuits to protect them from the rain as they worked. Greg and I talked it over and we decided it would be good to provide the rainsuits for them. Now our car has needed some body work for some time and we have put everything on hold due to the extra charges from the container. There is actually water splashing into the car from the street while they are driving :-) They are extra thankful for the rainsuits! We will be able to get this fixed soon, but in the meantime at least these cute rainsuits are going to good use! Oh....have I ever mentioned that we have the best staff ever????? Enjoy their smiling faces!

Left to Right: Shad Flumo, Bestman Todawiah (always has his hood cinched up!), Pastor Joseph Richards, Mark Koffa, and Paye Hallowanger ( Paye is a big man in comparison to most Liberian men and I was concerned that they would not find a rainsuit in his size. It is a little small, but they said that he had to try every rainsuit in the store to find one that even fit this well!)

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Penny said...

Your guys look GREAT and very HAPPY! We understand the frustration of Liberia. May God provide and answer in a mighty way!
In the Lord's strength,Penny