That is all....just the word miracle...this is what I saw on my cell phone this morning when I opened it. It was a text message from Shad, one of our staff in Liberia. My heart jumped and I had to get up and call! Liberia is 7 hours ahead of us here in Phoenix so the day for them is already more than half over when we wake up.

We have been telling them everyday when they update us on the situation with the container, "Ok, we understand. Pay the money that is required, but we are still praying for a miracle!" We have sent the full money to them, which includes the $900 that was in addition to the over $2000 of excessive fees.

Today they were finally able to get some finalization! They were able to get the paperwork signed and get the final numbers on what we will be required to pay. They will be going to the bank to make the payment tomorrow. In Liberia when dealing with a government agency you pay all fees directly to the bank and they issue an official receipt which you then take back to the governing agency to show proof to them that you have paid in full. This is a way they are trying to cut down on corruption and fraudulent receipts.

So, the miracle of the day is that we will not have to pay the additional $900 after all! It will be an additional $200 which is WONDERFUL! We are so thankful that God provided this blessing for us. Of course all of this is still much more than we at first expected to pay, but God is in control and He has been glorified in the midst of this storm!

If things go according to plan ( which is unlikely...TIA!), then we should have the container in our possession by Monday at the latest. Please continue to pray this container through to it's delivery at our office. The container will be opened by customs agents at the port and we will be overseeing the inspection to do everything we can to ensure that nothing is stolen.

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness during this trying process. I have mentioned to you before that this has been interfering with the usual ministry schedule, but all was not lost! We receive our weekly reports from the staff they have been reporting that they have been evangelizing and distributing tracts at all of the government offices as they have been spending their days there.

Thank you all for your support and prayer! We will post pictures when the container arrives at the office. God Bless!

Below is one of the ministry reports :-)

Greetings Boss,
Weekly ministry updated is as follows:

1. Prison ministry

Due to our engagement with the Ministry Finance and the faultiness of our car, prison ministry was not possible.

2. Evangelism

As we were involved with the duty free section of the Finance Ministry, we distributed Spirit Liberia Inc. gospel tracts to both visitors and employees. The Director of the duty free (Mr. Wright) was personally witness to and given copy of our tracts. Have a blessed weekend.

Bro. Bestman Todawiah, Ministry Coordinator


Diane said...

Praise the Lord for His intervention!!!

Penny said...

Praise the Lord. May the miracles continue to roll!