We found out that the container arrived last Thursday! No one had bothered to call and let us know, but after the guys went over and investigated they found that it had indeed arrived. We have a grace period of 10 days from now to get it out of port without incurring more fees. The Ministry of Finance is being very difficult and we are looking at paying much higher duty fees than we should be. Please pray with us that God would show us favor in the midst of this very frustrating situation. The biggest issue is the used clothing that we sent for distribution in prisons, orphanages and to the needy in general. They are saying that people have abused the duty free and sold these items on the street so they are not allowing them to be duty free anymore. In addition they are grossly overestimating the value of such items as used clothing and shoes. We are looking at paying over $2,000 for this duty which is almost half of the total value of the items in the container! We know God is in control and that he will see this process through to the end but it really looks like we have hit a brick wall. Please pray!!!! Thank you and God bless!


Penny said...

May God show Himself the Victor in this...to your staff and to others who are watching. May the hearts of those in charge be changed even as this is typed. For nothing is impossible for God!!!! We ask you to move on behalf of our friends, Oh Lord, mighty King over all! Amen and Amen.

Spirit Liberia said...

Thank you Penny and Family! Your prayers are so precious to us!