Buchanan Central Prison

This last week we were privileged to visit the Buchanan Central Prison in Grand Bassa County. This was the first opportunity we have had to minister in this prison. The visit was very successful and we are looking forward with great anticipation to what God has in store for ministry here. God is opening doors and we ask that you would pray with us as we walk through them!

The guys were warmly received and we have been asked to begin regular visits there. They have also requested to have Spirit Liberia sponsor some agricultural work to provide food for the prison. See below the prison report submitted by Brother Bestman.


Greetings Boss,

With God been our source of strength, vigorous prison ministry has begin this week. The long awaited Buchanan Central Prison Ministry was held successfully. Buchanan is the capital city of Grand Bassa County. It is about four hours drive from Monrovia and it is predominately inhabited by the Bassa Tribe which Mark Koffa and Pst. Richards belong to. After a four hours bad road drive, we arrived at this prison of seven small rooms with 84 inmates including two females. According to the prison authorities chart, crimes committed by these inmates include Murder, Man slaughter, rape, arm robbery, theft of property, drugs etc. Upon arrival we were warmly received by a Nigerian Major of the United Nation Military Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) and other prison authorities. The UN personnel commended the prison ministry team for coming to share what he called "the life of eternity for heaven". He continues by saying, the Christian community of Liberia especially the prison fellowship of Liberia has forgotten this prison. What the inmates need most in this post war Liberia is the Gospel of Jesus Christ which has the power to set people free from the bondage of sin. He appeals to Spirit Liberia Prison Ministry to consistently visit and preach Christ in the life of the inmates at Buchanan Central Prison and other prisons in Liberia. He also appeals for agriculture tools to enable Buchanan prison be self sufficient in terms of food. The message is that Christ Jesus paid for our sin Rom 5:8-10 was preached to the inmates and correction officers. 50 copies of NT was given out and 93 copies of Spirit Liberia gospel tracts were also distributed. Also food items were given out. It is our prayer that God will provide resources for constant ministry at this prison and other prison as well.
Have a godly week with the family,

Bro. Bestman Todawiah
Ministry Coordinator

Some of the "bad road" that was traveled!

Pastor Richards handing out Farina inside the prison.Shad giving New Testaments to the inmates.Shad giving Farina also.Brother Bestman giving New Testaments and tracts in the prison yard.Prayer inside the prison.Pastor Richards teaching and giving out gospel tracts.

Thank you so much for your prayer and support of Spirit Liberia. Please remember these prisoners as well and pray that God would cut to the heart with His Word, and that lives would be saved!

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