It's almost time!

The passports are ready. Yep! All 13 of them :-)Of those who are still awake, these kids are excited, but VERY tired! It has been a huge task to get everything ready to go! They have been super helpful in pulling it all together. Great job guys! You are being an extraordinary example of the blessing that children are to a family.

This is the luggage. We mostly have large plastic trunks, which are great for this type of travel. They are inexpensive, lightweight and hold a lot. They also have a place for a lock. They are awesome! We have 27 bags not including carry-ons.

Greg, being the chronic over-achiever, had to create a stencil and spray paint the grass from the Spirit Liberia logo on each trunk. I have to admit they look awesome! He also made custom tags for all of the bags with the Spirit Liberia logo and our address in Liberia.

Well, that is it for an update! We will post again as soon as we can! Thank you all for your prayers and support. We love and appreciate you and we will miss you! God Bless.


Diane said...

Can't believe this day has arrived! We're very excited for you! I've said it before...we're going to miss you all! However, we are looking forward to hearing how the Lord is working through your ministry!

Love you all,


Penny said...

It's wonderful! I woke up praying for all of you this morning. God is going to do great things for Spirit Liberia! He is ever faithful.