An Update....FINALLY!

Just arriving in Liberia! Left to right: Bestman, Shad, Greg, Pastor Richards and Vanessa

Sorry this has taken soooo long! I have a virus on my computer and it has caused some issue with uploading pictures.

We are doing well, the adjustment is definitely chaotic, but it is going well. We are rejoicing! God really paved the way. It was a smooth trip and He cleared our path and we literally had NO lines until we reached Liberia. Even when we landed here, they allowed me to take all of the kids out of the airport while they kept Greg to finish all of the paperwork and to get the bags. What an amazing blessing!

The guys had transportation arranged and we had a wonderfully warm welcome by the churches of Peace Island. Thank you all! When we arrived at the house there was a group here singing and welcoming us. It was special.

We are settling in and things are going well. We made the trip out to the Buchanan Prison. It was a great trip and I will post pictures from that soon.

We have the AMAZING blessing of internet connection from our house! Fresh Start Fellowship in Fairview, OK allowed us to have usage of a satellite which has given us delightfully fast internet service. Thank you so much! This will be so wonderful in helping us communicate with our family and friends.
Me and most of the kids outside the airport along with 2 ladies from Phoenix that are doing some great work here in Liberia!

Relaxing after a long day!

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Donna Barber said...

So glad to see you have arrived! Best wishes to your ministry there- look forward to the posts.