Nearing the end.....

We have had the privilege of worshipping with a church locally here in Phoenix whose congregation is primarily Liberian (AFE- Africa Faith Expressions). We have greatly enjoyed our time with them and have been very blessed by the experience our children have had here in preparation for moving to Liberia. For those of you who do not yet know, we will be leaving for Liberia on August 16th! We are very close! This was our final Sunday service as a family here in the states for a very long time.
This is our family pictured with Pastor James Nyemah. He and his wife Lucy have become dear friends and we will miss them.

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Penny said...

Your week is going to be full of lasts and I hope you enjoy every one of them! After every last is going to be the anticipation of all the firsts. How exciting and invigorating! 5 days to go.