Day 10- Last Church Visit

Jacobstown Church Structure

Pastor Hector Baines

Today we had the pleasure of visiting the Jacobstown church. It was great. Shad and Pastor Vessely drove us over to this church which is in an area of Liberia referred to as "red light". They call it red light because at one time there was a light there. This congregation is in the process of building a temporary structure out of sticks. They are building this on some property owned by one of the congregants. They are hoping to purchase a lot of land for their building shortly, and after this happens we will begin raising funds for their well. Once their new structure is built on their land, they will use the older one for additional classes, sunday school etc. We met with Pastor Hector Baines, who rode up on the back of a motorbike. He was so happy about what God is doing in their community. We had a great time talking with him and getting some pictures of him, and their building. They have bible study on Tuesday nights, and we later were told that they had an exceptionally large turn-out this night. They said that people had seen/heard that we had visited and were being very encouraged by the short time we had there. God is amazing. He is proving he is able to use a broken, empty vessel and provide hope and revival to His people. We have been hearing of revival happening in the bush since our visit as well. I guess it was simply our presence that has encouraged these people that God has not forgotten them. He is leading, we are following, and we have no idea where the destination will be! How exciting!

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