Pastoral Support

For those of you who have been just starting to get connected, Spirit Liberia is working very diligently to get our 10 pastors we are working with monthly support so they can pastor full-time and have the means to support their families needs.

We will be heading to Liberia in just about a week now. Anyone interested in giving support to these pastors can click on the "Church Support" button at the bottom of this blogsite. Your support will go to support pastors, build church buildings, and general church support projects such as training programs, curriculum, etc.

The churches of Liberia are in such desperate need today to be able to continue to spread the gospel especially in the bush. I will be posting more over the next few weeks of the true spiritual battle we are in. It will not only amaze you but hopefully push you to action. Our fight is a real fight and God is putting together the pieces to see Christianity expand in Liberia.

Please again pray for us as we head to Liberia. Also, check out the following articles to find out more about the spiritual battle we are in:


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