"God Can Use You"

As we have been frantically getting ready to head to Liberia in just a few days, the most amazing thing happened today. I received a call from a man in Pennsylvania who is producing a program called "God Can Use You". I had told him a bit about what we are doing with Spirit Liberia, and he has asked me to come on his program late April (it will air in May 2008-I will update once I know the specific date of airing and where it will be aired).

The program will highlight God's work in our family (of nine children right now, only to increase again this year!) and also with Spirit Liberia. I am so incredibly humbled by God's goodness in exposing what He is doing with Spirit Liberia. It has been challenging at times, but also so exciting and rewarding.

When we look at the way God continues to bless our family and ministry, we realize He is either crazy or capable of using even the most unworthy vessels to do His work (thankfully scripture supports the second possibility!). We are so unworthy of being used and yet God continues to push us forward.

While in Liberia we will be hosting our first evangelistic crusade and we have been so excited to be a part of it. But I found out just recently that Pastor Charles has been expecting me to lead the crusade part of the time. Have you ever felt incapable and completely unsure? There is very little I can think of that would cause me more stress and anxiety than speaking to people about Christ. Not because I do not want to, but because I feel so inadequate. I am sitting here even this evening wondering how I will be able to communicate with these people when I know the English we speak is different, they are definitely more excited in their speach than we are, and I am still learning all of their customs which I do not want to "affend" when I am there. I know God is sovereign and He is pressing me in areas I am weak in - but as you know these times are so stressful and complicated).

Moses has definitely been my best friend of late! If it was not for stories like this in scripture, where we see people that were incapable and inadequate used for mighty purposes of God, I would run the other way for sure.

Please keep us and our trip in your prayers and check back in the next few days for our posts from LIBERIA!

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