Day Five - The Crusade

This morning we all slept in for the first time on the trip. It was such a hard trip out to the bush. But we are revived now and ready to go again.

We started the day by going to pick up my clothes! Oh, what a relief. I have been wearing clothes that were uncomfortable and frankly not very "stylish" for me at least. I am so thankful to have my clothes so I can be comfortable now (besides the intense sweating I will continue to do regardless).

So we got the clothes and ate some lunch and then headed off to get things ready for the crusade. Vanessa and Macey stayed back at the hotel for the night because the past few days have been very hard on Vanessa and she felt she really could use the rest.

We rented an outdoor area for the crusade with a large speaker system and hung some lights. We also picked up a few generators to run everything off of. It really sounded good.

There were quite a few people there and everyone did such an excellent job. Pastor Charles preached and we had 18 people come forward to pray for salvation. How Great Is Our God! What a huge response.

There was also great response from the community where we held the crusade which was right in Rock Hill. In fact, you can see the "hole" right from the location we held the crusade. The people in this community are very friendly.

Pastor Charles informed me right before the crusade started that tomorrow he would like me to preach the crusade. Of course my chin dropped to the floor. We started to talk about it but then some of the other pastors called him away and we did not finish the conversation. At the end of this evenings gathering, he went back up to the podium to announce that I, his "twin brother" from America with lighter skin will be preaching tomorrow and that everyone needed to invite their family and friends. I am wondering whether to run away and hide or just make a fool of myself tomorrow night? I cannot determine which would be more humiliating!

God will give me the words to speak I am sure, but I hope I am up to the challenge.

By the way, we call ourselves twins (Pastor Charles and I) because I cannot tell you how many times I feel God tells me something and by the time I call Pastor Charles to talk with him God has already given him the vision as well. And it goes both ways. I have never seen this type of thing happen before. We are like the same person, of course one is taller and darker, and I am definitely more handsome!

That's it for today.



Brandi said...

Very cool! Vanessa, we'll pray that you feel better tomorrow. . you wouldn't want to miss Greg's preaching, huh?!

Can't wait to hear more!


Donna Barber said...

What- you are not staying in your beautiful home? Details girl details. ha- Good luck with the preaching "Pastor" Greg.