Day Seven - The Final Night

The crusade ended tonight. It has been such a blessing to be a part of this evangelistic crusade. How incredible to see lives changed right before your eyes. I cannot tell you how different it is spreading the gospel in a country like Liberia. People are desperate to find hope, help, and salvation through the cross. It is nothing like evangelizing in America where most people are very closed down to Christianity.

We had a wonderful time tonight listening to the preaching. Pastor Vassellee did an excellent job and really spoke to my heart. After the preaching they did an alter call and unfortunately no one came forward tonight, but then they moved into a time of prayer and worship which was very sobering. They called Vanessa and I forward and prayed over us, Spirit Liberia, and our children. They asked that God would continue his hand of blessing on us and that we would be someday preaching to thousands of people in Liberia - AMEN! Let's hope this is true.

Tomorrow is Easter and we have to say that we are wishing so much to be home with the rest of our family. Jaden, one of our middle boys, has been so upset that we are not going to be home. He cried about it several times before we left.

The first night in Liberia we had a hard time getting the kids on the phone. When we finally talked with them we had actually fallen asleep but they got through to us and we talked for a while. When I talked with my daughter Kylee something really choked me up and I cried like a baby for some time (yes, this is Greg talking not Vanessa!). I did not realize how attached I have become to my children. I believe God has such a wonderful purpose for all of them and we have such a huge job ahead of us. Each one of our children deserve better than we can give them. They are all so precious - all nine of them!

For those of you who have children, I pray that God will bless your relationships and really turn your hearts to your kids. And as it says in the scriptures, turn your childrens hearts back to you. There is nothing more special than to have a true heart-to-heart relationship with your children. God can change our world through the next generations if we only will surrender to Him and train our children to follow Him completely surrendered!

God can change us...He can mold us...He is able...and he is willing. He is holding out His hand for us to grab onto and have the ride of our lives. Will we take the challenge...


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