Another Staff Introduction: Mark Benjamin Koffa

Mark Benjamin Koffa, Field Coordinator, Spirit Liberia Mark showing off his new sunglasses that I bought him in Waterside. He so graciously carried my diaper bag all day :) They carry the backpacks on front so that no-one can steal things out of them. Thanks Mark!

Mark leading a wonderful time of worship at the Gjerstad's house. We had a staff/family dinner.

Mark working hard to retrieve my e-mails for me at a restaurant that has wireless internet.
Mark at the same restaurant getting my computer all set up :)
Mark digging our car out of the mud in Margibi as we traveled to visit his village.

Mark with his mother. This was taken in the village where he grew up, near Peterstown. It was a beautiful area, with a wonderful mountain overlooking the village.
Mark being shy about getting his employee Id photo taken!

Mark taking some video last March when we were visiting Nimba county.
Since mark is always behind the camera, we were concerned that we would not have enough pictures of him. Boy were we WRONG! I think he has more pictures here than the other guys!

The next staff member we would like to introduce you to is Mark Koffa. Mark is a joy to know and a favorite to pretty much everyone who meets him! He is responsible for all technical support and music development. He is helping with music for crusades/evangelism and he will be the star of our next Liberian Worship CD (we can't reveal more details yet, but it will be AWESOME!). We plan to bring Mark here to the US in March to begin recording the new CD. Mark is a VERY talented singer and also plays multiple instruments. He loves electronic equipment of any kind and does all photography and video for Spirit Liberia. Mark has a true heart for God. Just being present when he is worshipping God is a moving experience. Mark also manages and maintains our sound equipment, instruments, cameras, anything electronic. Mark is always there to offer a kind word of encouragment to his co-workers, his friends, his Boss (Greg) and Boss Lady (me). When I noticed how much of an encouragment he was in October, I told him he was appointed to a new position, General Encourager! He said he really tries to always be an encouragement to others and that he doesn't allow himself to get down or "vexed". It is all true. He is very even tempered and a wonderful friend, employee and brother in Christ. Like our other staff, Mark is willing to take on any task that we need help with. He will wash the car, push the car, sing, take care of the baby, and he would NEVER allow me to carry my own bag! We love you Mark, you are a gift to us and we do not take you for granted. Thank you!

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