Training Update!

Greg has actively been training for the Marathon. He is doing very well and is truly blessed with an amazing ability to run long distances! Last Saturday he ran 14 miles and had no problems! He has been taking the boys along with him on some evening runs, and even I have been joining them. Well, I walk and they lap me, but it is fun! Here are some pictures of the workouts :) Please keep this Marathon in prayer. Pray for Greg and Tod to stay safe and free from injury and also that their efforts will be blessed. Thanks Everyone!

Stretching out before the big run!

Here are my guys! It doesn't get cuter that this! Listed in order: Greg, Jacob (9), Eli (9), Jaden (6), Samuel (5). They love to pass me when I am walking and show off, jumping over bushes and rocks so I can see that they are NOT tired!

Now he has dropped the boys off for a longer run. Here he comes!

There he goes!

Here is proof for my mom that I am actually doing this!!!!

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